Some Summer Fails and Looking at the Bright Side

After unsuccessfully trying out the motorcycle course with my hubby and falling off 3 times, minor sprain in the ankle, and some purply-green bruising along my legs, 3 things I learned about myself:

  1. I have very bad concentration.
  2. I have very bad hand-eye coordination.
  3. I lack confidence in myself.

I also made the wise discovery that if anything were to happen to me in an actual “real world” motorcycle accident, it would cause a lot of disruption in our lives, and quite frankly, it wouldn’t be worth it. A minor ankle sprain made me lose a day at work, forego all errands and groceries, limp around dramatically though I hate drawing that kind of attention to myself, and the immobility of the whole situation was plain misery.

To make up for all this shit I brought on to myself (no blame on my hubby, he really wanted to find a hobby we could do together, but he overestimated my motorcycling ability), I did 2 things successfully:

  1. Despite the ankle, I completed the Zumba Basic 1 certification.
  2. I signed up and started guitar lessons.

After 4 years of Zumba classes, the first item proves that I am better at doing things with my two feet on the ground. And the guitar lessons are my bizarre goal of self-improvement to improve my concentration and hand-eye coordination.

I’ve never picked up a guitar, never had a musical interest in the instrument, and I do not want to impress anybody with a few chords of Nirvana, Oasis, or cliche whathaveyou. I cannot even name anything I know about guitars except I loved the documentary It Might Get Loud. All this makes it a perfect thing to learn because I have no pre-conceived notions about it, and any instructor who teaches me can teach me whatever they want and I will have 100% expectation of myself to learn it well.

Somehow, within 36 hours of super failing at the motorbike I learned more about myself and my physical/mental limitations than I could dream of discovering. People get an ego-boost and a high from riding fast bikes, me on the other hand, I got a totally opposite humbling experience. I hate what I learned about myself, but I also really love that I learned it.


Motorcycle Training Course


On the rare occasion when my husband asks if I would like to take up a hobby or activity together, naturally, I’d say Yes. Because it’s not often that happens. Because I’m flattered he included me. Because I’m happy he wants to spend time with me beyond dinner and Netflix.

But what I never expect is motorcycles.

Motorcycling. 2 wheel contraptions. Fast. Scary. Outside of my comfort zone.

Sure I’ve indulged in an episode or ten of Sons of Anarchy. And I’ve professed a television-crush on Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon because he rides bad ass bikes and shoots shit with arrows. And we never skip out on a Tom Cruise action flick.

But seeing and doing are completely different things. Since it’s rare that we do much adventuring beyond the occasional weekend trip to the States, I’m trying my best to go through with the motorcycle “thing”.

Namely, I’ve taken the written test (M1 license is our provincial term), and we’re enrolled in the in-class and on-road lessons (if I pass the on-road test, I am eligible for an M2 license), and last week we picked up a ton of gear in preparation for the on-road learning. I have tried to Youtube and get myself into the “mindset” of someone who wants to ride…but I think after 3 weeks of trying to do this nothing will give me a sense of the experience until we do the course. People can talk about it all they want and make as many videos about it as they like…but I need to try it to know. I’m still not convinced. And I’m still a bit scared.

Since it’s likely after these classes I am not going to buy a motorcycle or pursue the M-class license I’ve picked up some mid-price gear: a Riot helmut (in white), and a Joe Rocket jacket (Aurora style, in black, white, and red). Initially I cared less if the colours mismatched, but the lady selling us the gear REALLY emphasized that we “must look good” and match our bikes when we buy our stuff…so everything should match. We purchased our clothing and helmuts from Cycle World Superstore .

Let’s see how things go after next week.