Tasty and Cheap Kalbi Marinade Beef Short Ribs

Tasty and Cheap Kalbi Marinade Beef Short Ribs

I jumped on the beef short ribs trend at the end of summer and it has added a bit more flavour to my weekly dinner menu. Marinated beef short ribs is easy to make and satisfies meat-cravings at a pretty cheap price.

I simply buy a pack of $10-$12 frozen pre-cut beef short rips from the “hot pot” aisle at the local T&T supermarket, spread them apart in a Pyrex casserole dish, and marinade them in 1/2 cup of Korean Kalbi Marinade Sauce.  (I use the T&T brand)


After marinading overnight,  I put them in the oven at 365 for 20 minutes, flipping them halfway.  While they’re baking I put some rice in the rice cooker.  They are great served with rice, salad, or a stir-fry of veggies.



October comes and goes – busy but for what?

I felt obligated to write a post this month as seeing at the very least I’ve been doing so at least once a month, but what is there to really announce to the world to make it seem like I’ve lived a productive life these past 31 days?

Sometimes blogging seems like a rule I’ve imposed on myself as if I need to justify “Hmm, what have you done with your life lately to make it worthy of a post that joins the rest of the internet world of bloggers?” Well, I feel the most productive thing I did lately was to … quite frankly, be alive.  Waking up to another day, still breathing, still sentient, still worrying about X that needs to be done or Y that needs to be done,…no matter how mundane the things I am about to do, I am glad I am still here in the world to do it.

But really, yeah, I’ve been doing lots everyday because why else would I be exhausted after 18 hours of wakefulness running around “accomplishing things”. So why do I have nothing spectacular to say this post? Because not everything in life (my life) is fabulous, exciting, and news-worthy. I spend a lot of time failing in life, getting stuck in ruts, getting stressed and frustrated, emotionally drained or sad.  But that is just the downside, there is always the upside too. Most of what I do is mundane yet enjoyable in and of themselves, which makes blogging about it seem kinda weird and I would be judged by 2 or less readers as a very very VERY dull kind of human.

Not every post is going to be about me cooking or baking something new, learning something new, buying something shiny, winning, feeling like hot shit (I only feel like a hot shit bad-ass bitch if I’ve done 10 hours of tasks and finished baking dinner and cooked Monday’s lunch before noon arrives on a Sunday morning).

An example of mundane living I loved which I should never ever post about: I found an amazing bristle brush at Home Depot that really gets into all the crevices of modern condo bathroom sinks so I had a fantastic time last weekend scrubbing out all the mildew buildup along the counter and the sink, followed by a nice bleach rinse that made everything shiny and white. ~ oh the joy and success of a shiny disinfected sink.

Much of October and probably November will be the same ol’ same ol’ but I don’t mind because I’m happy to be alive and that I can wake up everyday to something same yet different and have the chance to go through all the emotions of anger, surprise, happiness, confusion, frustration, awe, grief, optimism, excitement, anxiety, disappointment, appreciation, stress, befuddlement, joy, boredom, silliness what else…

I’m just glad to be alive.